Bert Van Opstal

I have good language capabilities in multiple international languages.

Dutch being my native language.
English and German proficiency gives me the advantage to function perfectly, also in writing, in an international technical project environment.
French and recently Swahili to improve my communication with a focus on Africa.

Language proficiency scales/rating:

Proficiency is represented in 2 internationally used grading scales. 
The CEFR scale: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment commonly used in the European Union.
Wikipedia: CEFR
The ILR scale
: Interagency Language Roundtable scale used in American countries.
Wikipedia: ILR
Cross reference is established with the table as described in Wikipedia: Comparison between CEFR levels and other common tests.

In order to clarify to readers not familiar with these levels we converted them also into a percentage, both represented as a graphic donut and a percentage which is equivalent to the achieved level in both scales.
 For the CEFR scale this is in sections of 1/6th or 16,66% steps since there are 6 levels, for the ILR scale this is in sections of 1/11th or 9,09% steps since there are 11 levels.

Assessment and presentation are clarified in our skills section.

C2 5

C1 3+


A2 1

A1 0

DUTCH C2 - native

Is my native language with spelling and writing proficiency learned during my school education.

ENGLISH C1 3+ superior

Can be regarded as my second native language since all my family members have english as their first official native language in Uganda. Spelling and writing proficiency learned during my school education and commonly used as the corresponding language in the majority of my projects.

  • IELTS band scores in 2014: 
    • listening = 7.0
    • reading = 7.0
    • writing = average of listening + reading = 7.0
    • speaking = avaerage of listening + reading = 7.0
  • TOEFL in listening, reading and structure in 2014: 77 %
  • TOEIC in 2014: 82 %

GERMAN B22+ advanced

Very advanced in speaking since Iearned as a child from watching a lot of german TV and vacations in Germany. During the first 10 years of my career mostly worked for German companies or contractors, many times in Germany. 

FRENCH A2 basic

Language learned over 6 years during my school education. Although it is the second official language of my country of origin (Belgium) I used French professionally, sporadic, only during the last 5 years. In general I can understand conversations but have basic abilities to express myself in the language. For writing I use common tools like Google Translate.

SWAHILI A1 novice
Started to earn it recently. Since it is the second official language in my home country Uganda and commonly used in East-Africa. Learning with self education and regularly picking it up during conversations in Africa.