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Ineos Group Limited (styled as INEOS) is a privately owned multinational chemicals company headquartered in Rolle, Switzerland, and with its registered office in Lyndhurst, United Kingdom. It is in the top ten chemicals manufacturing companies as measured by sales revenue. Ineos is organised into around 20 standalone business units, each with its own board.

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The site in the harbour area of Antwerp, Beligum, was constructed in 1992 with its first product appearing in May 1993. INEOS acquired the Doel (Antwerp) site in 2001. The initial capacity of 200,000 te/a was quickly expanded to 420,000 te/a four years later. In 2008, when other producers were contracting, production capacity was expanded further to at least 680,000 te/a of Phenol by installing our latest proprietary production technology. As a result Antwerp became the world’s largest Phenol production facility.


May 2005 - Jan 2006    9 months

Capacity extension of Phenol plant from 200.000 to 420.000 ton


Capacity extension of Ineos Phenol Plant from a capacity of 200.000 to 420.000 ton, creating the world's biggest phenol production plant.

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TITLE: Lead project engineer E&I, process control

BUDGET: > 20.000.000 euros. Engineering and procurement by Jacobs, construction and commissioning was given to another EPC contractor.

  • Jacobs, Antwerp - Belgium;
  • Ineos Phenol, Doel - Belgium.

Feasibility, basic & detail study for a major plant upgrade and extension of the production capacity.

As lead project engineer E&I for the EPC contrcator (Jacobs) managing the E&I and process control engineering and design team (Antwerp, Belgium & Mumbai, India).
  • electrical scope with:
    • load study HV + MV + LV; 
    • selection of HV switchboards, capacitor banks, MCC types;
    • design of one line diagram;
  • selection of instrumentation, composing instrument list;
  • extension and upgrade of process control systems;
  • INTools instrumentation design system setup;
  • detail engineering of instrumentation with INTools;
  • compose budget.

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  • under design
  • under design
Under design

  • with EPC engineering manager: task assignment, monthly progress reporting and achievements;
  • with EMC project manager & E&I department manager:  task assignment, weekly progress reporting and achievements;
  • with customer representatives: weekly progress reporting and achievements;
  • with designers : establish and review of design documents;
  • with engineers: establish and review of calculations, procurement and design;
  • contract management with E&I contractors and suppliers;