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Lanxess AG is a specialty chemicals group based in Germany, with headquarters and major operations in Cologne. It was founded in 2004 when Bayer AG spun off its chemicals operations and parts of its polymer activities.[2] As measured by sales, Lanxess is the fourth-largest chemicals group in Germany.[3] The company's principal product areas are in polymers, intermediate products and specialty chemicals, rubber and plastics.

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Aug 2006 - Apr 2007    9 months

Butyl rubber (BTR) production unit upgrade and expansion


Capacity extension and upgrade for the butyl rubber plant.

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TITLE: Project engineer E&I, process control

BUDGET: > 4.000.000 euros

  • Lanxess Rubber, Zwijndrecht - Belgium.

Feasibility study for a major plant upgrade and extension of the production capacity.
  • electrical scope with:
    • load study MV + LV; 
    • selection of MCC types;
    • design of one line diagram;
  • selection of instrumentation, composing instrument list;
  • extension and upgrade of process control systems;
  • compose budget.

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  • unfortenetely, the Lanxess group decided to build a new plant in Asia and the whole study was cancelled after the feasabilty study.
  • under design
Under design

  • with engineering  manager: task assignment, weekly progress reporting and achievements;
  • with designers : establish and review of design documents;